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2 hour Thursday Night Pistol Class
Spring Guns & Ammo
4401 Spring Cypress Rd
Spring, Texas

6:15 pm - 8:15 pm
 $35 + $17 range fee
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Roberts Precision Rifles

Custom Hunting, Tactical, and Competition Rifles built for Absolute Accuracy. At RP Rifles we don't differentiate between Hunting, Tactical or Competition rifles, they are all built with the same unwaivering techniques and quality control. Custom Hunting/Varmit Rifles, Tactical Rifles Competition Rifles, Actions, Barrels, Triggers,and Stocks.

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By Appointment Only
19515 Wied Rd. Suite D 
Spring, Texas 77388 
Phone: 281-651-5593 

Videos with Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts Low Light Handgun Night Class Highlights
Aaron demonstrates the 3 primary light positioning techniques (FBI, Harries, Syringe) and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
Aaron Roberts One Day Defensive Handgun Class
Tactical Shooting Solutions offers handgun, carbine and precision rifles training at the Cawthon Cartridge Club just south of College Station on a monthly basis.
Suppressors - Silence is Bliss
Is the State of Texas you can own a suppressor. Reduces muzzle blast, makes the shooting experience more comfortable and can aid shooters accuracy.
One Day Basic Carbine / Rifle Class with Aaron Roberts - Houston Texas May
Tactical Shooting Solutions offers handgun, carbine and precision rifles training at the Cawthon Cartridge Club just south of College Station on a monthly basis.
Basic Carbine Class with Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts / Tactical Shooting Solutions and students attending his 2-Day Basic Carbine and Advanced Pistol Class in Navasota, Texas
Shooting on the move to maintain distance with Aaron Roberts Shooting On The Move with Aaron Roberts Handguns Self and Home Defense with Aaron Roberts The Art and Science of the Draw with Aaron Roberts

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Aaron Roberts In The News

Roberts Precision Rifles - Full Review
By Mel Ewing - Sniper Central
8/31/18 8:51 AM
Who is Aaron Roberts? (Not to be confused with John Galt). Aaron Roberts is a former Ranger and then head of Blackwater training, as well as a long time national competitor in various rifle disciplines. [More]
40-X .308
By Rancid Coolaid
I hate rebarreling - especially if the gun is a shooter before.

I am the proud owner of a very rare lefty 40X in 308 (original barrel stamped "7.62 NATO"), it has been a shooter since I got it, but barrels are - for non-safe queen rifles - meant to be replaced.

The time came for the original to go and a new barrel. I chose a Rock barrel off a group buy a few months back. [More]
Robert's Precision Rifiles @ The 2012 Hunters Extravaganza
August 3-5th Reliant Center Houston Texas

Showcasing the best gear, guides and outfitters, the Hunters Extravaganzas will provide the hunters with the opportunity of BIG savings before the season starts on everything needed to hunt that trophy whitetail buck of a lifetime.  Plus, there will be more FREE prizes, contests and attractions than ever before. [More]

About Aaron Roberts

Aaron's professional shooting background began when he was in the U.S.Special Operations Command, assigned to the 75th ranger regiment, and later the 10th mountain division lrsd (long range surveillance detachment).  After leaving military service he became a Texas State Trooper and was later hired to become a lead staff firearms and tactics instructor at the world-renowned "Blackwater Training Center".  Read More >>


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