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Roberts Precision Rifles - Full Review
August 31, 2018
By Mel Ewing - Sniper Central
Who is Aaron Roberts? (Not to be confused with John Galt). Aaron Roberts is a former Ranger and then head of Blackwater training, as well as a long time national competitor in various rifle disciplines. But more importantly, he is the founder and head of Roberts Precision Rifles (RPR), a custom rifle building company located in Texas. One of the interesting things that RPR states right there on their web page is that they specialize in bolt action rifles only and that they do not work on pistols or AR platforms. With a declaration like that, it is no surprise that they have a solid reputation as a high end precision rifle builder for both tactical and competitive rifles. RPR has their preferences of what parts and pieces they prefer to work with, but because they are a true custom rifle builder, they will use whatever the customer would like.

As such, that makes it a bit more difficult to do a full rifle review on one of their rifles as it is only one of countless number of configurations that are available from the builder. So in a review like this, we tend to look more at the build quality and what we find there versus focusing on the individual parts since those can easily be changed when ordering your own rifle. For this review, we have a rifle that was ordered from RPR with specs that are very much tactical in nature, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. With that in mind, lets look at the details.